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  • Onecare Wellness customer review by Sit Yee
    Sit Yee
    I started took pravented a month ago and i had a glowing skin. Blackhead disappear, white head do not dare to appear. I'm very satisfied with the product.
  • Onecare Wellness customer review by Zoro Kang
    Zoro Kang
    Really like praventac, received my purchase in a week in good condition, the acne took 1 month to clean up. My face is no longer oily anymore I feel more confident with my looks!
  • Onecare Wellness customer review by Vijaya Annammala
    Vijaya Annammala
    At some point or another, nearly everyone wish they could turn back the clock and take better care of their skin sooner… I've been consuming AG-FACTOR™ for 1 month now. (I've bought the 3 months’ supply) My review so far: - Skin smoother (definitely) - Reduce the appearance of fine lines (getting compliments) - Skin less sensitive to breakouts - Brighten my facial and body skin (however I think is more like even out the colour tone) I’ll definitely update my progress with picture at the end of my 3rd month. Wish me luck !!!
  • Onecare Wellness customer review by Marta Mocan
    Marta Mocan
    I am very satisfied so far..🤗
  • Onecare Wellness customer review by David Tan
    David Tan
    Better healing result after one month of usage
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