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  • Onecare customer review by Amanda Law
    Amanda Law
    Very good product! I had very bad hormonal acne and praventac did improved my acne issue. I can see my pores are smaller than before too. Highly recommended
  • Onecare customer review by Nor Ain
    Nor Ain
    Ag Factor at it's best! Even the price is a bit pricey but it's worth it! 3 days of taking Ag Factor, acne is less dry and getting better. Glowing face, face is no longer dull, body skin is soft and smooth. the scars are fading. Less oil on the face, the skin on the body and the face is brighter and pink 😍 in love so much! so fluffy now! will repeat every month!
  • Onecare customer review by Venus My
    Venus My
    I bought Praventac for my daughter who has been breaking out since she became a teenager. At first I do not know what to expect or whether this product can help her get rid of her acne. I have tried lots of skincare regimen for her but nothing works. Surprisingly after she consume Praventac for 3 weeks I noticed her acne started to dry out and her acne spots slowly fades away. I am so glad I found this supplement and so grateful that it helps my daughter to regain her confidence.
  • Onecare customer review by Joe Yap
    Joe Yap
    My second box of Praventac and the result has been amazing. Zero side effects as opposed to conventional antibiotics. It really helps in controlling the sebum production. Overall, a good product and worth every penny!
  • Onecare customer review by Leow Kar Ling
    Leow Kar Ling
    Currently on my 2nd month using Vofina and just received my 3months supply today. It really helps overcome my Yeast Infection. Plus point, I got wet for the first time after using Vofina, I thought I was dry 😩🥺
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